Sunday, June 28, 2009

KICK the Fossil Fuel Habit!

10 Clean Technologies to Save Their World

In “Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit - 10 Clean Technologies to Save their World” author Tom Rand, P.Eng, PhD (engineer, Cleantech authority, venture capitalist, pragmatic entrepreneur and philosopher) doesn’t provide a "3-easy-steps" approach to fixing our dependence on fossil fuels. But he does show it's possible to do without them.

By giving an in-depth look at 10 technologies that together can bring a clean future, free of fossil fuels, Tom provides education and hope. This is a clarion call, a directive that we act quickly and collectively (governments, corporations and individuals) to provide future generations the opportunity to live in a sustainable world.

Unique in being accessible by the general public, his message is not just important, but understandable and entertaining. His personal views and anecdotes are combined with a hard-headed engineering and business perspective. Beautiful photographs bring the text to life.

It is this generation’s job to save the world we know for the next. Kick – literally – shows us how to do this.

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